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Jeffrey Scott Martin

Creative Digital Producer & Technologist
MVP 2017 - Desktop Only -

Rough Cut Demoreel 2017


May 23, 2017

The new portfolio is now up. I will be adding works to the dashboard throughout today and tomorrow. As well because of the nature of my previous work, following an adaptive methodology as opposed to purely responsive was the best decision for strategy on this portfolio. With that being said, the new portfolio is desktop ready, for the most part, still a lot of testing to go, but what the heck, it's an MVP. I will be adapting mobile today and tomorrow to ensure the best possible experience.

Cheers!...PS....Go Ottawa!


May 19, 2017

After reviewing the Google Cloud platform I have decided to integrate an instance for the new portfolio as scaling is becoming a requirement to my surprise. After complaints of slow load times it has become apparent that the need to scale and engage a larger audience is required. With balancing clients and working towards goals it is the portfolio that always suffers - but I have set aside another 10 hours this weekend to get this done. Exciting work with a MEAN stack and WebGL - a new frontier for a Creative Technologist.

Cheers!...PS....Go Ottawa!

MVP (Minimum Viable Portfolio) 2017 BETA

May 13, 2017

A brand new portfolio of mine will be launched on May 15th, 2017. This will be the MVP BETA version to start - utilizing ThreeJS, Material Design Lite and GreenSock Animation Platform. Content will be added throughout the week with regular blog posts and insights thereafter.

Cheers!...PS....Go Ottawa!

Yay! It's Front-end Friday!

May 5, 2017

Well, Front-end Friday is supposed to be smooth sailing. You would think that after all these years as a Creative Technologist I would recognize that it is always on Friday that servers decide to go down, computers mesmerize us with those spinning balls or worse, the rain intensifies. Well at least this week it started early and maybe will cease prior to the hockey game!

Either way it is Front-end Friday and I will plow through this, as I cannot sleep right tonight if I don't at least develop a new visually appealing project for myself today. After another satisfied client overseas this week, I hit the gym this morning and decided I will continue with a Three.js implementation with Bootstrap and Greensock to build a new works page by days end. I love WebGL. But, wait don't go looking for it just yet, I will post the link here when there is atleast the model up, just incase anyone has any interest in monitoring progress! After all, we all like to see "pretty pictures" do things.

Well the cubemap is working, thank you for Blender, NASA and Three.js. I will begin layering and adding a proxy with the Haversine formula to grab Equirectangular images from NASA based on location. Quite possibly after dinner! But not during the Penguins game!




I am a Consulting Creative Digital Producer and Technologist passionately immersed in Rich Media Advertising and Front End Web Design and Development. I have a unique background in Engineering Technology and Multimedia Design.

I inspire online and in-app digital advertising and properties with science, technology and engineering to help brands and agencies arrive at innovative solutions to their digital advertising problems.

From early concept through to final execution I partner with teams from marketing, media and creative agencies at anytime in the process to support the realization of powerful, memorable and engaging Rich Media.

Whether it’s a simple animated HTML5 banner, interactive video, immersive 3D on mobile and desktop or an always on data-driven programmatic creative, I rapidly produce solutions that are world class and provide creative-driven results.

My forward thinking affords my clients with cutting-edge ideas that perform flawlessly across multiple screens and exchanges.

I have a real passion for pushing the boundaries of mobile and desktop advertising and web technologies.

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